Thursday, September 27, 2012

Awesome Progress

The first video is for a little more than a month ago and the second video is from today. You can see the amazing progress Remy is making since starting ABA therapy.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Mom, Remy and I were out on the balcony yesterday and got to see what is really a rare treat around here, a rainbow! A little sad to think that in less than a month we won't have this view anymore. We've been really lucky! But a rainbow means good things ahead, right? Looking forward to a new vista!

Sunday, September 09, 2012

House Observations

We did the home inspection yesterday. I posted pictures but I was too wiped out (Remy has a cold and was up all night the night before) to write about it, but here are some of my observations:

  • The fireplace is gas and seems pretty child safe. It has a glass front that doesn't let a lot of the heat through.  
  • There are four rose bushes! Yay, I love roses!
  • There is an instant hot water tap for tea...but it needs to be fixed. 
  • They have sun screens on all of the windows but I am going to take them off the windows on the north facing windows. Because a) it's the best light and b) it's the only side of the house that has a view.
  • All the walls throughout the house are white, the wood is a golden colored oak. It's not really us so we are going to paint the walls a pale tan color and paint the wood white with some espresso trim.  We used to have slightly more colorful walls but it really limits what you can do with decorating so I am going with neutral this time. (Except the bedrooms and bathrooms, I may paint those myself later.) 
  • They have those thick, white, faux wood blinds on a lot of the windows. I didn't see them the first time because they are hidden behind layers and layers of drapes. One day I would love plantation shutters, but until then, these are great! 
  • There is a pretty fan/light fixture up in the loft and a not so pretty one in the family room. I think we will switch those around. 
  • The carpet is ivory. Uh-oh. Ivory carpet + four cats = doomed carpet.  
  • Karen says the pool is heated and has a waterfall feature. The water comes out the slot in the hot tub and into the pool. We don't know if it works because the inspector didn't want to mess with the pool controls. It also has fiber optic lighting so that you can swim at night! Night swimming!
  •  The inspector concluded that the house was in "great, great shape - and I don't use the word great that often!" Score! 
  • We do the walk through and get the keys on the first and then, as soon as the painting is done and the safety fence is up, we will start moving in! 

Thursday, September 06, 2012

We Got the House!

The seller's bank (banks?) finally gave us the thumbs up so it is official, we will soon be the owners of the Pink Cloud house! Now the agents are just trying to work out the WHEN of it all.  My vote is for late September, I think the sellers agent was hoping for more time. We will see.

Now to get to work with packing!