Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bryan and Leighann's Wedding

Hi everybody! I've got some new pictures for ya! On March 3rd Bryan and Leighann were married (hooray!) and these are some of the pictures Ross took on that wonderful evening.

Bryan and Leighann

The centerpieces were green with lavender accents - we got to take one :)

The wedding and reception were both held on the second story of Joliet's Union Station. It was a very grand room!
The wedding party

More pictures from the Union Station


Ross and me

Thanh and Tianna

Huy and Holli

Hunter, Holli and Ross

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Jane Austen

A lot of entertainment for Austen fans on the horizon.

Becoming Jane is a fictional account of Jane Austen's relationship with Tom LeFroy starring Anne Hathaway. Should be in theaters in August.

Over in the UK there are three new movies airing on Brittish cable this Spring. Persuasion, Northananger Abbey and Mansfield Park (starring Billie Piper of Doctor Who :) I hope they will eventually end up on DVD over here!