Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Summer is really here! Last weekend temperatures reached the triple digits, this weekend is Memorial Day weekend, and the following weekend we check in to Green Valley Ranch for our family stay-cation. I ordered new sandals and some age-appropriate, post-baby-waist appropriate shorts. I feel equipped and ready to go!

The beginning of a new season points me back to my words for this year: faith, focus and patience.

Beau is already helping me a ton with all three! He keeps me so grounded in the moment (focus) because his needs are basic, primal and immediate. He also helps me with patience because that boy takes AGES to eat. We just sit there, doing very little, and I have to quite the nervous energy and just be at peace with my sweet boy. As for faith, a new life, and all the what-ifs that go with it, requires faith. Faith that God has a plan for Beau, that He can be leaned on through the anxieties and the parental fumblings, and that He will sustain.

First swim of 2014

Green Valley Ranch

Thursday, May 01, 2014