Saturday, November 27, 2010


When Wonder-baby Remy and brilliant photographer Sara get together, this is the result! If you live in the Chicagoland you need to check out Autumn Fields Photography!

Friday, November 19, 2010

I have to say it again...

I love Flylady!

Yesterday morning, before Ross had even left for work, my friend Anita came by. A year ago, if someone had stopped by at that hour, I would have been mortified - but instead I was happy to invite her in. I was dressed, the baby was dressed, the bed was made, the dirty laundry was in the washer, the kitchen counters were empty, and there was one cereal bowl in the sink. The first thing she said was "Mmmm, smells good in here!" I have four cats and a garbage can full of diapers, so that was saying something!

I love that the habits I have picked up from Flylady free me up to concentrate on more important things, like being a mom, and that I don't have to feel embarrassed or overwhelmed by a place that should be a refuge for me and my family!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

What's Up

  • One more week until our trip to Illinois to see the family for Thanksgiving! We are going to be staying with Steph for optimal family time, we'll do Thanksgiving dinner at Jason and Dee's, and it sounds like friends will be coming over on Wednesday and Friday as well. Yay!
  • Hoping to take a mini-vacay after that since Ross has some days to use up and no deadlines looming at work. Probably stay at Red Rock Resort & Casino because of the child care. (I may just be dreaming here, but I am pretty sure Ross is on board for this.)
  • Have to go to the storage unit and get the Christmas decorations out. We just signed a new 10 month lease so there may be some other things I'll want to get out of storage as well...
  • Planning to spend the last week of December in Raleigh with Ross's family. I love Raleigh, and I love the Cangelosis!
  • Finally got some car repairs done this weekend so the world is my oyster. Maybe Remy and I will go to the park. :)
  • Started on Gabapentin for my Fibromyalgia. So far, nada, but he has me on a ridiculously low dose so I still have hope for it.
  • We ordered a Kinect sensor thingy for the XBox! I am so excited. My fantasy is that I will love it so much I will want to play every day and I will find myself effortlessly transformed into a trim and athletic person. (((happy sigh)))
  • I suck. Remy's six month appointment was Friday and I totally forgot. So I will reschedule and hopefully have those much anticipated weight and height figures to post soon.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Six Months Old!

Friday was Remy's half birthday and out of the blue we got a wonderful package from his great-grandma Jeri, so we had a little impromptu birthday celebration! Thank you for making our little guy so happy, Jeri!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Eating Solids!

On November 9th, 2010 we put Remy in his highchair and fixed him a small bowl of baby oatmeal for his first meal! He had been watching us eat with intense interest for weeks, so when he saw that spoon coming he apparently knew exactly what to do! While I was feeding him, Ross was sitting behind me eating his dinner, and I think that made it even funner for Remy - to be eating with his daddy!

The plan is to do oatmeal for three days, then add veggies, and then in about a week start adding fruits (so that he doesn't decide early that he only wants sweet things!)

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Afternoon Outing

It looks like this may be the last really warm weekend of 2010 so we decided to head down to the strip and make the most of it. I felt a little weird about taking a baby there, but Las Vegas is more family friendly than you would think. We saw lots of other parents pushing around strollers, and that made me feel better. Remy liked the autumn themed garden at the Bellagio, and he enjoyed the water show set to Elton John's "Your Song," but his favorite part of the outing was watching all the traffic on Las Vegas Blvd. I think somebody is going to be getting some toy cars for Christmas!

P.S. My favorite part was corn dogs and beer at the Serendipity sidewalk cafe outside Caesar's Palace.

Monday, November 01, 2010


Here are pictures from Remy's first Halloween! We didn't do anything exciting, just baked a cake and sat at home waiting for the trick-or-treaters that never came, but just having a little guy to enjoy the day with made it special.

Unfortunately little guy is waiting until he is 6 months old to eat solids so no cake for him.

I think next year if we take him out to trick-or-treat we will do something less furry because he got hot pretty fast in this costume!