Sunday, November 07, 2010

Afternoon Outing

It looks like this may be the last really warm weekend of 2010 so we decided to head down to the strip and make the most of it. I felt a little weird about taking a baby there, but Las Vegas is more family friendly than you would think. We saw lots of other parents pushing around strollers, and that made me feel better. Remy liked the autumn themed garden at the Bellagio, and he enjoyed the water show set to Elton John's "Your Song," but his favorite part of the outing was watching all the traffic on Las Vegas Blvd. I think somebody is going to be getting some toy cars for Christmas!

P.S. My favorite part was corn dogs and beer at the Serendipity sidewalk cafe outside Caesar's Palace.


Crystal Starr said...

Aw, Remy is SO CUTE!! I remember when Owen used to where that onesie!! What a fun place to live, Kim!!! I love that Remy enjoyed the Bellagio!! HAHA, that is one FAAANNNNNNNCY baby!!! LOVE IT!! You look amazing, btw!!

Mmmmmm...corn dogs and beer sounds so good to me right now...

Kimberly Cangelosi said...

Hi Crystal! I even remember when Mally used to wear it! It's like a legacy :P

Las Vegas IS such a fun place to live! After Chicago, it is amazing how easy it is to just go down to the city for a fun afternoon!