Friday, March 30, 2007

Old Traynor Family Photos

This one is a collaborative effort. Steph and Christy posted the photos and Mama put them into a slide show. Enjoy!


Andy said...

I posted a comment over an hour ago

Kim Traynor said...

Weird Daddy! Steph said she posted a comment the other day and it never showed up either. It was fun seeing you yesterday :) Thanks for the yummy sunday!

Janett Sue said...

I checked my YouTube channel and this video has been veiwed 48 times in two days. for me that is virul. Why do you think that is. The one of my childhood has only been veiwed 5 times. That makes more sense to me. If Dad had emailed the address to his family and they were looking at it I could see how there would be more veiws but he hasn't. Maybe it is the great Three Dog Night song. Speaking of songs check out the new player on my blog. It has been fun picking out songs for it. It holds 75 songs and you can have more than one playlist. You can put it on your myspace page also. I think you would like it and I would like it if you did a play list. You can take other peoples play list. I know I would like to hear yours. By the way I remembered where I know that Smith girl that sings the song I have on myspace. Dolly Parton did and album of songs she has written and picked different people to sing each. Smith did Jolene. Well I better leave room for someone else to comment. Love you. See you tomorrow.