Thursday, December 14, 2006

What's Up?

Hi everybody! This December is living up to the month's reputation and keeping me good and busy!

Last week Ross and I went to his company Christmas party on the Spirit of Chicago. There was dancing and dinner and we even braved the cold to go stand out on the deck and watch the sky line go by.

This time of year is especially busy for the Stangers, with rehearsals for Christmas tagged on to their regular duties. Christmas at Willow is going to be pretty special this year, so, if you want to come and see what Steph and Mark have been working so hard to prepare for, click on the link below to get your free tickets!

Next week I ditch the Stangers to go to North Carolina with Ross for Christmas. We're leaving the 22nd and coming after the New Year. I'll get to meet the Cangelosis and, Ross promises me, sleep in as much as I want :P I can't wait! And when I come home Mally will be starting day care and I'll be looking for new work. Exciting times!


Friar Tuck said...

You look very happy with Ross.

Meghan said...

Yay! Sounds like lots of happy changes going on for you, Kim.

Beef Fritters said...

well, you have a smart, handsome boyfriend but does he speak slavic?

Janett Sue said...

I am enjoying my new tunes this morning. Thanks! Love them. Also Noah called Dad and I this morniing. Great way to start the day. Also Dee has been entertaining me with some great jokes and funny pictures.
I downloaded the new Media Player 11 this morning. It's great.