Saturday, May 12, 2007

What's up!

Hi everybody! Sorry I haven't posted much lately, there's been a lot going on!

I started my new job as a call center customer service rep. for Verizon Wireless on April 30th. It's been pretty sweet.

They gave me this cool badge on on a string so that I can prove to family and friends that I do too have a job.
They also gave me approximately 4 cubic feet of desk space for training. Pay no attention to the U.S. Cellular phone.

And they gave me a sweet deal on a new phone :) It comes in on Monday - I can't wait to play with it!

So life is pretty darn good! We get out of training in about a month and I've heard that I'll get even more desk space then! :P

In other news, Mr. Cangelosi is teaching me to play the drums! I could totally rock your face off!


Steph said...

Cool phone Kim! I'm so glad you are enjoying the new job and I can not wait to hear you on the drums! =)

Andy said...


Janett Sue said...

I'm glad everything is going so well for you. Have fun banging the drum.

Janett Sue said...

Is this a new look on your blog? I don't remember the green.

Kim Traynor said...

I went back to the original template I had on the blog. I was getting sick of the black. This one isn't too great either so I'm going to look around and see if I can find something with three columns that looks ok.

Janett Sue said... It is a site where people share web design. I would love to see 3 columns. I don't know how to do that and I would be afraid of what would happen to my blog if I tried. I do have some how to questions for you next time you are over.