Friday, August 14, 2009

Sayonara, Futon

Yesterday Ross and I went into a furniture store and ordered our very first grown-up couch! Since we moved in a year and a half ago we've been using the modified futon from Ross's bachelor days. ("Modified" because it separates and swivels - I guess guys like that kind of thing in a couch.) It's covered in black corduroy, sits three inches off the floor, and is filled with so much metal that when given the choice, guests choose to sit on the stairs instead. The only thing I'm going to miss about that couch is its size - it's so teeny-weensy that by scale it makes the living room look like a parlor in Versailles.

When we started shopping for a new couch, we didn't have a long list of requirements. I wanted something that wouldn't show puncture marks from the cats' claws, wouldn't clash with our purple curtains, and which I wouldn't need any help to extract myself from. Ross wanted something that could be re-arranged like a transformer and would be easy to lift on to a U-Haul.

The winner: The Mustang.

Looks just like a mustang, don't you think? ;P We didn't get this many pieces because if we did we'd have to tear down a wall, or stop using our front door. We got one ottoman on clearance (one of the feet was chipped) for 75% off, and then we ordered one more ottoman, three armless chairs, and two corner pieces. So imagine the photo with one fewer armless chairs.

We took the clearance ottoman home with us, but it will be a month before the rest of the couch comes in. In the meantime the ottoman is standing in the center of the room, towering over the futon and making our living room look even more ridiculous than usual. But the color, to my great relief, is perfect - it is actually the same color as our walls, and looks great with the purple accents in the room.

As we get toward the end of a long, busy summer it makes me smile to know that when the leaves start falling, and the nights get nippy, Ross and I will have a big, comfy couch to snuggle up on!


Lauren said...

Very pretty! Furniture shopping is always fun and you definitely need something to snuggle up on too!

Janett Sue said...

Beautiful!I am so pleased to hear I will have a comfortable spot to set when I visit.

Andy said...

Congrats on your really nice furniture.

And your writing is rich, salon, transformer, ha ha ha.