Thursday, September 17, 2009

Las Vegas

We're back! I have seen some wonderful sights this summer, but nothing to compare to the sheer spectacle of Las Vegas! I loved the food, the palm trees, the sunshine, and all the dazzling sights.

Jason and Dee were married on Saturday night at the Graceland Chapel and it was awesome. It was impossible to watch Elvis in his leisure suit serenading them both and not grin from ear to ear. Afterward, they took us all to Magiano's for dinner. We were in a lovely private room with a great view of the strip, and we stayed for hours eating delicious Italian food and celebrating the happy couple. (Except for little Joey, who, after a long and eventful day, conked out in the corner for the evening :)

Unfortunately, about half way through the trip Ross came down with a severe cold and spent most of the next couple of days in bed. I spent my fair share of time in bed too - I think I may be a little too old and decrepit for Las Vegas! But I'm glad I finally got see this crazy city and I will never forget it!

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Andy said...


Glad you posted. I haven't had too much to say lately either.Maybe it's some kind of Vegas hangover.