Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Thanksgiving Week

The baby is napping and so I am going to try to do a quick update on Thanksgiving!

It was our first time taking Remy on a plane. They say it is good to fly while he would normally be sleeping so we took a non-stop, red eye to Chicago early, early Monday morning. It appears that "they" are right! At the airport he slept until we got to security and then fell asleep after take off as soon as the plane leveled off. The only rough patch was during the climb - even though I was feeding him a bottle he did seem to have problems with his ears. Same thing on the way home.

When we got into Chicago at 6am it was 61 degrees, about 20 degrees warmer than it had been in Las Vegas when we left! That didn't last long though and over the course of the week there were some truly frigid days. It was good though, it made saying goodbye to family and coming home a little easier.

We fit a lot of visiting in over the course of five days. Some of the highlights were seeing Mom and Dad's new apartment in Elgin (love all the windows!), playing Yahzee with Kristin and Mark (I can't remember the last time I got to play Yahzee!), Harry Potter with the Stangers, the big photo shoot with Sara, Crystal and Steph, a Thanksgiving feast at the Reardons, coffee with the girls, seafood with Jason, Dee, Mom and Joey, and a lovely coffee date with Dad.

Here are some pics from the week:


Steph said...

love the new layout, it was such a pleasure having you here. Love you

Crystal Starr said...

Super fun!!! LOVE YOU!

Andy said...

Can't wait to sww you in the spring.