Friday, November 11, 2011

What's Up

  • My sister Stephanie and our super-friend Crystal are coming out to Vegas for the wedding photography convention in February.  Oh my goodness, is it February yet? How about now? 
  • We are still waiting on our Early Intervention evaluation at the end of the month, but I am feeling much less fearful, thank you Lord! Remy has started pointing and using a couple of words. It's very tentative at this point, but it is happening and that is good, good, good!  
  • Our TV ban turned into a TV diet.  I just don't know how to keep him busy while I cook and clean without the TV and he does seem to learn from some programs so I don't think it is too bad for him.  Cutting back on TV though has created a lot more time for the two of us to interact during the day and I think that is a huge factor in his recent breakthroughs.  
  • I am late to this Spotify thing and I am loving it.  It is especially useful since I have this new laptop and I haven't transferred all my music over yet (and the music I did transfer somehow got duplicated in iTunes and I am too lazy to go in and clean it up!)  It's like having a massive music library on your computer without using up space on your hard drive.  More room for photos, lol!
  • I am so grateful for Ross's camera and the photoshop.  I haven't painted in ages, but the photography helps me get my creative fix. I feel weird if a day goes by and I haven't taken a picture.  
  • I miss my husband! He has been working late a lot and he is playing at church for all four services this weekend so I won't be seeing much of him.  I wish it was our anniversary this month so that we would have an excuse to get away for a couple of days!  
  • Our friends Bri and Chunko brought Remy a remote control car as a present today! He loves it, it blows his mind that you don't have to push the car to make it move. That doesn't stop him from trying though. :)
  • The jeans I bought last year after having Remy are too big now and Gap is having a sale so I ordered a new, smaller pair of long and leans yesterday.  (((happy dance))) Weirdly though, I haven't actually lost any weight. I guess the fat just moved from my waist to my arms and my chin. Ah, well.  
  • Mom and Dad and I are going to the Bellagio this afternoon to see how they have the garden decked out for fall.  Hopefully I will get to take some pictures!

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