Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Leadership Summit Follow-up: "like the day REM went top 10"

What do Willow and the Summit look like to the emergent church across the pond? Paul Roberts offers his fascinating observations at his blog, Staring Into the Distance.

Rick, from Tampa, takes a completely different angle in his blog, Cheaper Than Therapy.

Thousands of church leaders came to a leadership conference and sat through a Justice conference. What?

Has the evangelical church, as Jim Wallis predicted, begun to tip to the whole gospel? Why has it taken these great men 30+ years of ministry to figure this out? Why couldn't they have figured it out when I was younger? Maybe I would not have been such an outcast in my own denomination.

I am so confused and have too many questions. It the day R.E.M. went Top 10.

To read more first hand accounts of the conference click here.


Steph Stanger said...

really interesting Kim! I want to read more of their comments when I have more time! The Brit in barrington one I had to re-read several times to understand him. I think he had interesting observations...I would like to know how they do not "up-front" programming. I also liked the Canadians thoughts and asked him what "canadian content" would be?

Kim Traynor said...

A lot of emergent churches set up their gatherings in-the-round and encourage a lot of interaction and participation.

They seem very wary of appearing to set up a priestly figure that stands between the worshipper and God.

Rather than getting the truth from an authority figure, each worshipper should experience the truth him or herself...or something like know I'm certainly no expert on the emergent movement!

I thought Brit in Barrington was really interesting too. Kind of cool seeing Woodfield and South Barrington through somebody else's eyes. And with such a dramatic shift in the theme this year I'm really glad that Willow's heart for evangelism still shone through.