Friday, August 12, 2005

Willow Creek and Leadership Summit in the News

Leadership Summit Hits Home

Leaders often talk about having a vision, or a plan, but Hybels challenged the thousands listening Thursday to explore what precedes that. The Rev. Billy Graham has been filling tents and stadiums for almost 60 years, Hybels said. But what happened inside Graham's heart that made him rent that first stadium and hold that first revival?

For Hybels, the explanation is as simple as the Popeye cartoon character. When other men were after Olive Oyl, the love of his life, Popeye would get to the point where he would say, "That's all I can stands. I can't stands no more." Then, with a little help from spinach, he would suddenly have supernatural strength and become unstoppable.

"What can't you stand?" Hybels asked. Is it racism? Is it severe poverty? Is it child abuse? The spread of AIDS?

"What's wrecking you is also wrecking the heart of a holy God," Hybels said. "He wants to sign you up and give you a vision."

For those who already know what they can't stand, "Are you risking enough for it?" Hybels asked. "In what life are you going to go all out? This is the only one you have."

Gospel on Leadership (This article has features some brief interviews with conference attenders at a satellite location in Raleigh.)

"To me, leadership transcends corporate America," said Joe Mitchiner, a lawyer and a member of St. Andrews Presbyterian in Raleigh. "It flows into family, into a small office. Anytime someone is looking for guidance there's an issue of leadership."

Hybels, Warren Teach Vision and Sacrifice as Keys to Leadership (Some misquotes and bad grammer, but you can read it if you wanna.)

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