Friday, August 04, 2006

Friday's Random Ten (Nano-style)

I updated my ipod last night so, to celebrate, here you go - a little random ten for ya!

  1. Sooner or Later (Soren's Song), New Way to be Human by Switchfoot
  2. In a Little While, All that You can't Leave Behind by U2
  3. Tokyo Rose (Live), My Year in Review by Bill Mallonee
  4. When it was Over, Add to the Beauty by Sara Groves
  5. Walk On (Live), Elevation in Boston by U2
  6. The Prodigal Bride, The Green Room Serenade by Lost Dogs
  7. In God's Country, The Joshua Tree by U2
  8. To the Moon, Add to the Beauty by Sara Groves
  9. Linger, Everybody Else is Doing It... by The Cranberries
  10. Brothers in Arms, Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits
Tokyo Rose (#3) "When my discharge papers came in, I did what I should. I got in my car, headed for Hollywood. Yeah, those celluloid bodies, they through off all restraint."

To the Moon (#8) "It was there in the bulletin, "We're Leaving Soon." After the bake-sale to raise funds for fule. The rocket is ready and we're going to take our church to the moon. They'll be no one there to tell us we're odd, no one to change our opinions of God. Just lots of rocks and this dusty sod, there in our church on the moon. We know our liberties, we know our rights, we know how to fight a very good fight. Just grab that last bag there and turn out the light, we're taking our church to the moon. We're taking our church to the moon. We'll be leaving soon."

The Prodigal Bride (#6) "All your haves and your have-nots will turn to dust in time. There's still a chance to save yourself while I've got you on the line, and you know it." "You don't see clear I'm standing here, in the shadows of your imagination. And you alone, for blood and bone, put flesh around my incarnation." "When you first beheld the man, you nailed down his open hand, because he wasn't much to look at way back then. And your dance of freedom raised a storm, a day for death, a time to mourn, until that long lost love is born again."


howard said...

I'm a huge fan of "Walk On." I've never heard the live version from Boston, but I have the 9/11 tribute version where they lead in with a little of "Heaven on Earth" - that particular version gives me goosebumps.

Kim Traynor said...

Hi Howard! A friend put it on cd for me, but it's from the live DVD. Have you seen that one? It's good stuff.