Monday, November 06, 2006

Delirious?: Live at Willow Creek Reviewed

Christianity Today gives Now is the Time; Live at Willow Creek 5 stars! Here's the review:

The Good:
I had the pleasure of attending this show, but there's more at work here than personal nostalgia. In fact, I almost didn't recognize the 90-minute concert video, because the lighting and audio has only improved with first rate editing and mixing.
It looks and sounds comparable in quality to productions by U2 and Coldplay, and the accompanying CD captures most of the excellence. Moreover, the behind-the-scenes featurette is actually interesting to watch, and a fascinating 30-minute documentary delightfully demystifies the band's celebrity by sharing their history, home life, and personal photos. You truly get to know Delirious and their mission better with this project.

The Bad:
The set list relies more heavily on Delirious' The Mission Bell than on their classics, though that helps distinguish this from past concert albums.

The Bottom Line:
Access:D remains their best live album, but this will likely become the quintessential concert video for Delirious—generous in quality and content, everything's done right here.

Way to go Stanger! (And a great big way-to-go to all the Willow volunteers who worked on this puppy - making the paid professionals out there look bad! ;)


Mark said...

We already knew it was good, but it's nice to think other ppl think so too. =)

Mark said...

oops, I mean "see" instead of "think"...