Friday, November 03, 2006

Friday's Random Ten (Nano-style)

  1. Ground On Down, Fight for Your Mind by Ben Harper
  2. Faithfully Dangerous, Good Dog, Bad Dog by Over the Rhine
  3. The Man Who Loved Life, Sound of Lies by The Jayhawks
  4. If I Had a Million Dollars, Rock Spectacle by The Barenaked Ladies
  5. King of Pain, Every Breath You Take by The Police
  6. In Your Eyes, Woven and Spun by Nicole Nordeman
  7. Shelter Me, Universal United House of Prayer by Buddy Miller
  8. Cowboy Romance, Tigerlily by Natalie Merchant
  9. Dirty Water, Buddy and Julie Miller by Buddy and Julie Miller
  10. Skin, V.O.L. by Vigilantes of Love

Video pick o' the Week: Ground on Down by Ben Harper.


howard said...

Nice list!

Btw, is your copy of Good Dog, Bad Dog the Indie release or the re-release from Back Porch? I just have to know if you've been deprived of a lost little gem known as "Jack's Valentine."

Speaking of which, did I totally miss the reference to your anniversary? If so, please accept my congratulations. I'm sure by now you've already passed the average American couple's endurance level; hope many more years follow.

Janett Sue said...

Love it! It was so much fun to see. Brings back memories of my childhood. There was an old man that lived across and down the street from the Allmans that gave lessons to all the kids in the neighborhood. My brother Johnny took lessons from him. I can not even express how very much I too wanted to take lessons. My daddy said that the guitar was not a femine instrument. Everyone started out with that style of putting the guitar across your lap and using a steel bar to hold down the strings and steel picks on your fingers to pluck the strings. This is before any of us were 10 so we were to small to hold the guitar any other way. We called it the Hawaian guitar. Dad says that can not be right but it is what we called it. OH how I wanted to play. Fun to see.

Kim Traynor said...

That's so cool Mom! Can't wait to go down south with you :)

Kim Traynor said...

Hi Howard, I'm deprived, very deprived.

You missed nothing. That was me celebrating the monumental 5 month mark (for some reason, the boyfriend didn't get as sentimental on the occasion as I did ;) I believe that tradition has that as the paperclip anniversary. Thanks for the congrats, and my congrats to your folks on 40 years, that's pretty spectacular!