Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday's Random Ten

  1. The Eleventh Hour, Furthermore: From the Studio by Jars of Clay
  2. Million Pieces, Thrive by The Newsboys
  3. I May Know the Word, Tigerlily by Natalie Merchant
  4. Pulling Mussels, Picadilly Collection by Squeeze
  5. Michael, Franz Ferdinand by Franz Ferdinand
  6. Exit, The Joshua Tree by U2
  7. Magic Bus, Greatest Hits by The Who
  8. Death and the Maiden, Sonate B-Dur Op. Posth. by Franz Schubert
  9. Paperback Writer, The Beatles 1 by The Beatles
  10. Everyone's in Love with You, Transcendental Blues by Steve Earle

Video pick of the week: Michael by Franz Ferdinand (#5). This was one of Mally's favorite songs to rock out to when he was just a wee baby. (If you haven't seen it, that kid can MOVE!)



good year

Beef Fritters said...

DUDE!!!!! I just linked to this site....uhhhh, and guess what? It was made by Calvin College! Whoa!