Monday, January 08, 2007

More pictures from Raleigh

Hey everybody! More pictures from my holiday trip to North Carolina!

The Thursday after Christmas Kendell's boyfriend, Bryan, came over and Ross and I got to meet him. They make a beautiful couple!
That night Mr. Cangelosi fried up some oysters and shrimp and we made Po' Boys. It was one of the many home cooked Southern dishes I got to enjoy on my trip. (I gained 5 lbs while I was there, the food was soooo good!)
I also finally tried Sushi for the first time. I think I like black eyed peas better ;) But the Sushi wasn't bad and it was a fun experience. There at the table from right to left are Ross's mom, Brian and Autumn who went to college with Ross, Bryan and Kendell, me and Ross, and Ross's grandpa, Mr. Bates. Ross's Dad is taking the photo.
Ross's grandpa, Mr. Bates, came to town the day after Christmas. Mr. Bates is quite a renaissance man, but my favorite of his accomplishments is the coffee farming - how cool is that?!
Here I am with Ross's big brother, Brent. Brent and his wife Cindy were two of the first faces I saw in North Carolina and their kindness and hospitality put me at ease right away!


Janett Sue said...

Thanks for the pictures. Love seeing how you spent your Christmas.

Steph Stanger said...

for some reason the sushi restauraunt reminds me of the Cheesecake factory...mmmmm...yummy! We need to go there sometime soon!