Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I believe it was on our first date that Ross first told me how he feels about Chicago roads ;) This week he got to share those very special feelings with all of Chicagoland! Check it out here. (The video will be on the right.)


Valerie Sue said...

Hi Kim,
Mom said that you would post as to how she is doing. So where is the post? Jason called on Monday night to say that the surgery went well. That was the last I heard. And I think that I was only on the phone with Jason for about a minute. So how is she now? When does she get to come home?

So how are you? How's the job search coming along?

Kim Traynor said...

Hi Val, I posted some info at your blog about Mom, sorry that we haven't done a better job at keeping you in the loop!

What job search? ;) It's not going great but I feel like that's about to change.

How are you doing? How's the family?
Love you!

Scott said...

Ooo, Ross is SUCH a motorist.

Valerie Sue said...

Thanks for the update on mom, Kim. The family is doing fine. We are still trying to sell our house. It's only been about a month. It's hard being patient and waiting for someone to make an offer. Most houses don't sell over night. I hope ours sells soon. We are supposed to get a LOT of snow this weekend they said that No travel is advised for Saturday and Sunday, so this weekend will probably be bad for people coming to look at the house. Talk to you later.