Sunday, April 08, 2007

Life on Other Planets


Janett Sue said...

I am so glad you put up your playlist. I really do like the music you pick. I was playing Coperhead Road. You won't belive what it reminds me of. When I was 11 at Hazel Fincher's. She was my Foster Mother. Her oldest son Pat had to go to court. He had been to Veit Nam (we are talking early 60ties here) He sent me a gift from Italy that I still have. A bracelet with the zodiac on it. Ask me I will show you, it is bueatiful. One of the few things I have from my childhood. Anyway he was being prosecuted for bootlegging.(Yes I said Bootlegging) There was all this talk about how much sugar he had....bags and bags pounds and pounds. The other thing I remember is that they said he got this girl pregnant. Where I came from if you didn't get with child and married before 16 there was something wrong with you. Good thing I got out ot there don't you think? When I think of bootlegging I always think of Pat Fincher. What an interesting life I have had. I remember being in court. I remember talk of pounds of sugar. I remember this girl who he said he did not know. What a world don't you think? I was infatuated with his little brother Pat. He went to Veit Nam as well while I was at Mooseheart and lived to tell about it. What a life I have lived. His sister Gail who was the oldest died of cancer. I remember her so well. There was this boy who movied into the house down the street from the Finchers. He was stationed at the Base. In the Air Force. He served us watermellon. We thought it was so strange that he cut it in bite size pieces. They don't do that down south.We made peach ice cream that night. He really did love Gail though and married her. It was very sad when she died so young. They had one child. Gail shared her room , her life, and her wonderful Mom with me. I am sure the ANGELS are still singing for her and I will see her once again. There have been many wonderful people in my life. I should try and tell you about all of them sometime. They all deserve to be remembered. They made my life possible and thus yours. There was nothing usual about my childhood and while that made me sad for a time I am now grateful to have been so blessed.
My Zodiac braclet is...........well I will show you. I think someone should wear it. It was so... so... so... to me I never took it out of it's case. What if I lost it??? what then!

Janett Sue said...

Pat's uncle was the Deputy Sherif. He was also the one who took us to Hazel's. Alabama born and raised. God help the non racist white man born in Alabama in those days. You would have to be there to know. Okay I am not digging all your music. And that surprises me. Maybe it will grow on me.