Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Willow Creek Community Church in the News

Elgin Residents Play Big Roles in Willow Creek Easter Celebration

Spreading the Word


Crystal said...

Easter service was really great this year!!! I even walked through a door.

So anyway I put up a the play list on my blog too! It's so fun because now I can just put on my blog while I clean my room and hear most of my favorite songs!

AH NUTS!! One of the songs I loaded keeps skipping!!!!!! That SUCKS, now I have to go find it and repost the code and change the size and everything! DERN IT (as Madison says it)!

Crystal said...

OH YES!!!! I didn't have to re-do the code! I just went and found a link that worked and saved the changes and it automatically fixed it's self on my blog!!! I think, I'm pretty sure because it's working!!!


Oh wait, the new song starts to skip at the end, ah well......that stinks.