Saturday, September 04, 2010


Last February when Ross was offered a job in Las Vegas our biggest concern (besides leaving family and friends) was the house. This is not the economic climate you want to be selling a house in. But after 15 months of unemployment we didn't really have a choice, so we found a real estate agent and a contractor (a whole other story) and put it our house up for sale.

When we bought that little rundown house the month before our wedding, we told ourselves that it was "just" a starter home. Whenever a tile would fall off the bathroom wall or the dryer wouldn't start, I would remind myself that we wouldn't be there long. So it was kind of a surprise to me that when we got Las Vegas I couldn't think about our house without feeling a stab of regret. Strangely, it felt like we had left part of the family, or at least the old family dog, back in IL.

Well, this week, after six months on the market, we found a buyer. After so many months without a nibble (things really dried up after the housing credit expired) it was kind of a shock! We will be taking a hit on our investment, but we will be walking away with cash, which is not always the case these days. I think the closing is supposed to happen sometime this month.

So that brings us to the question of whether or not we should stay in our apartment. Our lease is up in a little more than a month and we need to make a decision. Initially we thought as soon as we sold our IL house we would start looking for a new house. The prices here are awesome and it is a little cramped in the apartment with three people and four cats. But, as low as the prices are here, analysts say they haven't reached the bottom yet. After getting stung on the last house, dumping all our money into another one isn't so appealing.

Last night we talked it over, and decided that if it's possible we'll do another 8 month lease, and if not, then a year. The housing market here (the worst in the country, last I heard) is projected to continue to decline until the first quarter of 2012, so a year from now won't be too late to get a good deal.

If we are going to stay at Willows for another year, there are some things I want to do to make the most of it:
  • Swim more! With the baby too young to go in the pool we weren't able to take full advantage of it this summer, but next summer will be a different story!
  • Use the fitness center. I want to lose about twenty pounds.
  • Move the guest bed into the office and make Remy's room completely his own.
  • Buy some window treatments. The vertical blinds that apartment came with are kinda stark and depressing!
  • Get the carpet shampooed. No matter how many times I vacuum the carpet just looks dingy to me.
  • Buy some wall art and maybe paint a few walls to personalize the space.
  • Put out a "Welcome" mat!

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Steph said...

good plan Kimbo!! So glad things are going well with the house!!