Thursday, September 23, 2010

Flylady Follow-up

It's been almost two months since I posted about completing the Flylady "baby steps" and Crystal asked if I am still enjoying it. The answer is definitely yes. As Remy gets older and I have less and less time during the day I am so thankful for the habits that became ingrained during those 31 days.

While I am kind of hit or miss with the "zones," my morning and evening routines are practically hardwired by now. I think it's kind of like what runners experience after they have been running for awhile...they may wake up one rainy morning and think "heck, no, not today," but their body says "let's go, let's go, let's go." If I have a rough night I may think I deserve to sit on the couch and watch tv until I "come around," but my body will take over and before I know it I am unloading the dishwasher...and feeling a lot better.

Here is my morning routine:

Wake up, change Remy's diaper, make a cup of tea for me and a bottle for him, drink our beverages while watching the news, go back to the kitchen and wash bottles and unload dishwasher, wipe down sink and counters, start a load of laundry and sweep kitchen floor, go check to make sure Ross is up, make bed, get dressed, get Remy dressed, put Remy in his jumparoo spend 10 minutes wiping down the bathrooms and picking up anything that needs picking up, water the flowers, and start a pot of coffee. Done! (Of course, I also check fb and Farmville somewhere in there, and I drop everything for the first ten minutes of Kathy Lee and Hoda!)

And my evening routine:

Go around the house collecting dirty laundry and throw it in the hamper, tidy up dining room table and the entryway if necessary, collect dirty dishes and load and start the dishwasher, wash bottles, wipe down sink and counters, go to bed at a decent time.

My weekly chores:

Vacuum, wash sheets and towels, scrub toilets, dust 2x, mop all floors 2x, clean the shower/tubs, clean out fridge.

I do wish the house was cleaner sometimes, but it is comfortable and never overwhelming and I am content with that.


Steph said...

sounds like a great routine Kim!! Good for you!

agape said...
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agape said...

I admire that some of your routines Kim are already a good habit for you - I restart today.