Tuesday, May 03, 2011

My New Lens

When I got home from grocery shopping yesterday my lens was waiting for me at the front door. It took all of my will power to put the groceries away first, but then I tore open the package, pulled out the lens (it feels so small!), and snapped it on the camera. Here are the very first pictures I got, SOOC (straight out of the camera):

They may not look impressive, but normally in that sort of light, with little buddy wriggling around and being cute, it would be impossible for me to get pictures that well exposed (unless I used a flash, in which case they would be MUCH better exposed, but not nearly as cute.) In the last picture, where I had much better light, the level of detail is amazing. The pores of my skin are nothing short of terrifying. Good job, little lens! :P

I can't wait to play with it more today!


Steph said...

Kim so happy for you!! Great job!

Friar Tuck said...

Love it!

Jacqui Skibbens said...

Beautiful Kim! Gotta love that sweet smile under his pacifier. =) That melts my heart when Luke does that.