Saturday, February 11, 2012

What's Up

Sorry I haven't posted very much this week, I was dealing with (sounds more kick-ass than "suffering from") my 47th cold of the season. Here is what we have been up to:
  • Our ABA book came. It is great. Huge and full of good stuff. The problem I was having the first time I tried ABA was that it didn't seem age appropriate. I mean the skills I was working on, pointing and mimicking, were age appropriate, but Remy didn't have the attention span to sit and do 10 trials. So I have cut that in half and it is still a little challenging for him but I think it will get easier as he gets used to it.  Yesterday we worked on responding to his name and that went pretty well. I also want to pick up mimicking and pointing again. Pointing is one of his best skills but he has a really hard time pointing at things out of touching range and doesn't know how to follow a point.
  • We still don't know who his new service coordinator will be.  We were supposed to hear more this past Wednesday but on Monday his old service coordinator resigned from EI and so now instead of just reassigning Remy they have to shuffle her entire case load. 
  • We bought an iPad. I had been thinking about getting an iPhone for a while but the cost of the data package over a two year contract seemed ridiculous. Then I saw a couple of videos of autistic two year olds using iPads and it seemed like a no brainer. No contract, no data package, way more memory, great size and lots of kid friendly apps for cheap or free. And I have to be honest, the thought of digital flash cards replacing the hundreds of paper ones I have to pick up every day was pretty appealing too!
  • Looking forward to Valentine's Day and Steph's visit! Then in March Jason & Co. are coming and maybe Ross's folks too! And Spring! And then pool season!!!

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Steph said...

so glad you got the ipad. Really cool!