Saturday, June 30, 2012

What's Up

  • This weekend Ross and I are going to talk to a couple of lenders about getting pre-approved for a mortgage so that we can get our house hunt really rolling. 
  • Piper spent the night at the animal hospital after getting into some Stargazer Lilies. Beware cat owners, lilies and cats do not mix!
  • Just four days until our North Carolina vacation. I've been stockpiling small toys to give to Remy on the flight. This will be his first flight not on my lap and I am kind of looking forward to that!
  • The Stangers are coming in October and we are going to Green Valley Ranch for a few nights! I can't wait! 
  • Remy has finally going to start getting the number of Instructional Aide hours that he was assigned back in January. On top of the four hours a week they also owe us about 72 comp. hours so he is gonna be a very busy guy. His good buddy Christy is going to be doing two hours a week and there is a new lady we have yet to meet who will be doing the other two and then we will use an outside contractor to work on the comp. hours.  
  • Remy completes his autism clinic on the July 2nd and will get his official diagnosis from Nevada Early Intervention but we will also be getting a second opinion on July 19th from a psychiatrist at Harmony Healthcare.  Not because we don't trust EI but because it is required for insurance purposes. Still, a second opinion is always a good thing.  
I should have vacation pictures to post soon! Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer so far!

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