Friday, November 02, 2012

Family Vacation

We originally planned this vacation before we had even put an offer on a house, so I had no idea that just one week after moving in we would be at Green Valley Ranch recuperating. How perfectly did that work out? It was so lovely - warm weather, yummy food, plenty of room at the pool, and three very happy little boys. If we ever get to do it again I hope more family can join us! (All of these picture's are from Steph's camera.)

My personal favorites from vacation 2012:

  • Lunch at Lucille's. My new favorite restaurant. 
  • Listening to the guys plan a board game.
  • Remy blissfully shoveling sand.
  • Fuzzy bathrobe and nice deep bathtub.
  • Sun rises reflected on the beautiful arches outside our room.
  • Stephy time. 

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