Thursday, May 11, 2006

Fun with YouTube

Malachy and I have a new pass time - looking for entertaining videos on YouTube.

Malachy's favorite is the bike riding dog.

I found these and these of Willow events. Most of them look like pirated video casts of old conferences. It's quite a blast from the past to see Joe, Curt, Matt, Scott and Vonda and of course the old auditorium.

The one that gets me going is this one.
It's the very typical, familiar version of You Are Worthy of My Praise...until these two dudes step up and start jammin' their brains out. Especially the guy in white, his moves would shame a man half his age!


Crystal said...

Oh Joe come back!!!!! =o(

Dinger said...

That was very fun!! My husband and I really enjoyed the jam session.