Monday, May 15, 2006

Mem-Ories, Like the Corners of My Mind ~sniffle, sniffle~

Found this video at Google video. Looks like it's from the recording of Student Impact's CD, Alive. That was so much fun. We did a two night concert and brought in Richie Biggs (Newsboys, Switchfoot) and it was mixed down in the tunnel under the stage...and didn't Mitch throw up? Or was that another night? Anyway, it was awesome, and the CD was named one of the ten best worship albums by CT magazine, so I think some of the awesome-ness came through. This is My Glorious by delirious, and at the tail end you can hear the band go into Revelation 19. Hopefully whoever is posting this stuff will put that one up next!


Kim Traynor said...

Stephanie, was that your lighting look?

Crystal said...

Hey I was there with you Kim stage managing right in the front row singing my heart out! Absolutely one of the BEST worship albums ever! How cool is it to be apart of that!!?!?!?!