Thursday, May 25, 2006

U2 Gems from YouTube

Found a u2 video from the year I was born! Bono's schtick is way over the top, even for him, and those pants would be illegal in most states, but this video is worth watching for The Edge alone. FYI, he's just 16 or 17 in this video!

Street Mission, 1978

If that last video explains what endeared them so quickly to the gay club scene than this one explains what endeared them to the rest of the world.

Electric Co., 1981


Crystal said...

Hey Kimala-ding-dong!

Had so much fun hanging out with you and talking today. It was just like the old times except for the babies and kids and my wrinkles.

Anyway thanks again for letting me process things with you today. The last two times I just blabbed your ear off and you were so kind to listen. So thanks Kim.

Tonight I saw some of the American Idol stuff at Corey's house. I saw that one when Elliot did a version of U2's "One" with Mary J Blige (not sure how to spell that). I was curious what you thought about the way the R&Bed it being a U2 fan and all?

Kim Traynor said...

Thanks Crystal, I had a good time too! We do NOT have wrinkles!

About the idol performance...I really like Mary J. Blige, I really like Elliot Yamin, and I really like U2, so I loved it!

Steph Stanger said...

That was trippy! And super fun, thanks for finding it. I love how Larry smiles like a giddy school boy when he realizes the camera is on him in the first one. And. yes, Bono is amazing in Electric Co! Now I want a early performance of Party Girl! =)