Monday, July 10, 2006

Barlow Girls and Doctor Who?

Former Creekers, The Barlow Girls, are the music for this fanvid. Warning - MAJOR SPOILERS! BTW, Barlow Girls will be at Willow on August 16th. And if they do this song I'll probably be pulling out the tissue.


Scott said...

Hey Kim guess what I'm so happy because I YouTubed on my blog!

Meghan said...

Hey Kim, my roommate is looking for someone to turn a photograph into either a painting or drawing, and I thought I'd see if you might be up to the challenge. She has a digital photo of the children she babysits, from the first moment the little girl met her new baby brother, and she'd like to have it captured on canvas as a Christening gift (she's the new godmother.) She's looking for something in the size range of 16x20, and wants to spend somewhere between $100-150 on it. If you're interested, shoot me an email at meghan at chubbercheekers dot com and I'll email the photo to you. Thanks!