Friday, July 28, 2006

Interesting Quote

Came across this great Sayers (author of the Wimsey novels) quote in a Chuck Colson article.

“In the world it is called Tolerance, but in hell it is called Despair, the sin that believes in nothing, cares for nothing, seeks to know nothing, interferes with nothing, enjoys nothing, hates nothing, finds purpose in nothing, lives for nothing, and remains alive because there is nothing for which it will die.”


Andy said...

Hi Kim,

A formidable appearane to go with a formidable intellect.

Crystal said...

Hey Kim cool quote! I'm feel sad that I didn't get to talk to you at all tonight. I feel like I never see you anymore and I miss you. BUT I totally know what your life is like right now the old saying, "Been there done that" springs to mind! ;o)

Anyway when the Ross goes away for that 10 days we will totally have to hang out! OH!!! And we might be able to get TWO Bible studies in too, maybe?