Sunday, July 30, 2006

Willow Creek Community Church in the News

The Sun Herald of South Mississippi
Habitat Homes Sprouting

About 200 volunteers from Willow Creek Community Church in the Chicago suburbs started building from the ground up Monday. The idea is have the exterior of the homes mostly completed by the weekend until additional volunteers sign to complete the jobs.

"We have 200 volunteers this week and one signed up for next week," said Wendy McDonald, director of the first-ever Habitat for Humanity office in Bay St. Louis. She said Habitat has purchased enough lots on Union Street to eventually have 10 of the cottage-style homes.

"It's the biggest construction going on right now in Bay St. Louis," McDonald said.

Bryan Kidd, one of the Willow Creek volunteers, said they'd been planning to come for the building blitz since September. The group came once before in the early days after Katrina.

Kidd said the group doesn't mind the work because it's part of their calling to help others.

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