Friday, September 29, 2006

The Small Groups Conference is Underway!

Blogging the Conference


This morning the conference began at Willow Creek Community Church. Its’ theme is the primary colors of small group ministry. As a guy with a degree in graphic design I immediately plugged into the context for the meeting. God, the ultimate designer CREATED us with an intrinsic need for relationships. There is in each of us two holes. One is filled only by God and the other by relationships. I get the whole “I need community thing” you know. What I miss sometimes is the context for what a real, biblical community looks like.

The pagittBlog. (Doug Pagitt hasn't actually blogged about the conference yet, but if someone could please get the man a power cord he might ;)

I have never done this before but I left on a trip and forgot my power cord for my Powerbook. If anyone has one I could use for the next two days and could meet me at Willow Creek or the Marriott hotel off I90 and route 59 please give me a call - 612-730-7337. It will work if it is for the Mac Powerbooks or Ibooks.
god-of-small-things (This one has nothing to do with the small groups conference but I thought the guy had a good point so I'm throwing the link in for ya.)

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