Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I finally broke down and bought a scale. It's part of my plan to do something, anything, about this weight. It's a month after the miscarriage and I'm still the heaviest I've ever been.

All of my adult life I've been one of those detestable girls who could eat anything, do anything (or nothing) and not gain weight. The owner of one very overactive thyroid, I would sometimes find the pounds were just disappearing for no apparent reason. Now the pendulum seems to be moving.

I thought I could add a little activity, cut some calories, and voila! I could put on my old jeans. Unfortunately, it hasn't been that simple. I've been walking, but the weight is unaffected. I've lost the ravenous pregnancy appetite, so I've stopped binging, but the fat is sticking.

I won't lie, vanity is part of the issue. Even with lots of hair on it my head is woefully small, and it's looking sillier and sillier the bigger I get! It's also irritating trying to figure out what to put on in the morning when nothing fits the way it's supposed to. But most importantly, I want to get pregnant again, and I want to be as healthy as I can be when it happens.


lauren said...

carbs are the enemy!

Steph said...

I think you look great as always! Nothing wrong with a little booty! =)

Andy said...

You are very pretty. That's so strange, thinking your head is small - even if it is, but it isn't.

Julie was over last week-end, and mom showed her some of your painting. Julie is sure you're going to be a big success, and sounded like she'd like to be your sales rep., I promised her I'd tell you.

Crystal said...

Oh Kimberly you look gorgeous! You don't look fat AT ALL. But I understand, your body is different from what it used to be. That happens with pregnancy. With each one (for a lot of women) your body will just shift. You can start to carry weight differently than before. I know my super friend Jami says that to me all the time.

Love you hot mama!