Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What Month Is It?

Anybody else feel out of it? Sorry if that's too vague, but that's how I'm feeling this week. Maybe it has something to do with giving up coffee....again :( Maybe coffee is what gives one footing in the flowing eddies of time and consciousness. Maybe this limbo, this blah, is what non-coffee drinkers feel like ALL THE TIME! (((shudders)))

The weather is adding to the confusion. It's September (is it not?) so I got out all my long sleeve shirts and have started burning holiday scented candles around the house. And by lunch time the temperature is sweltering. And I have to change my clothes and blow out my candles and turn on the fans. This is making me angry.

Also disappointing...Fringe. It's no X-Files, it's no Lost, it's just badly written, poorly cast, gag inducing Fringe. What is Fall without something worth cuddling up on the couch to watch on tv???

Alright, this concludes the ranting for now. Wishing y'all have a wonderful and seasonally appropriate day.


Crystal said...

Your right Fringe is NO X-Files. There is so much wrong about the writing and casting on that show it's depressing.

Also, I have my house decorated for the fall and my apple cinnamon candles burning! I LOVE it! PLUS the yummy weather, it makes me happy. My house stays pretty cool though with just the window open. So for me it feels like fall on the inside and lovely beautiful summer on the out.

Also, I could not give up my coffee. You are brave.

Crystal said...

BUT I would like to say I do LOVE the dad on Fringe.

Janett Sue said...

I feel out of it too! I feel like it has been raining toads and I want leaves of gold and amber. I bought a Christmas door hanger and have no where to put it and know that it is to early to put it anywhere anyway. So it is hanging in the back of my closet awaiting its day and place in this world. It is a bunch of bells and a snowman. The other day I moved about 10 candles into my room,lite them and went to bed to wait for the tide to turn.
I can't think of a show on TV right now that I feel like I look forward to. I've been watching reruns of 'Murder She Wrote' every night at 10 when I go to bed.

Janett Sue said...

I think we should start Christmas shopping. It's not to early for that.

Valerie said...

Hi Kim,

How are you??? And to finally answer your question about my MP3 player it is a SANSA brand from Best Bye. I Love it!

I love the photo's of your before and after dining room. It looks great! I have been doing a lot of painting lately too.

Valerie said...

Where is the link to my blog????

Kimberly Cangelosi said...

Haha, sorry Val! I haven't updated those links in a years! I have to do yours and update Noah and Lauren's too. I'm thinking of getting a new template so I'm gonna do it all at the same time.