Thursday, October 02, 2008

Care Package

We got a care package today! Ross's dad has been telling us about the benefits of smoothies and he has sent us some supplies so we can start making our own. I had to laugh as I unpacked the box because I've never noticed "Hemp Smoothie" on the menu at Jamba Juice, but apparently hemp is the way to go! He sent us two bags of hemp seed and two canisters of hemp powder. There is also a big bag of walnuts (yummy!) and two canisters of something mysterious called "Green Super Food." He also sent us some lavender bath stuff and I can't wait to try that out!

So this weekend we'll go get some yogurt and fruit, throw some of this stuff in the blender, and make ourselves some smoothies!


Crystal said...

Smoothies ARE so good for you! Go Ross's dad! I got me one of them dad's too! =) If the green super food is what I think it is than that's not so fun. Scott and I had those with Dr. Nemic and ya, very sea weedy. BUT it could be totally something else! Smell it and see if it smells like fish food...I'm curious!

I LOVE the new blog Kim and your font colors go great! It's very grapey!!! The fun thing about this is you can change the back ground and often as you like and it's so easy! You can just go with what ever mood you're in at the time.

Kimberly Cangelosi said...

Thanks Crystal! I'm even wearing a grape colored shirt in my profile pic, lol!

ok, so I opened the Super Food and took a whif. I would say it smells a lot like fruit that has been sitting out on the counter a day too long. There's also a bit of an alfalfa smell.

I checked out the ingredients and there are about a million things in there - pineapple, barley grass, apple, broccoli, spinach green tea, cherry, beef, raspberry and on and on! Beef? Interesting stuff!

Steve and Sara said...

ooh, fancy Kim!!

I really like the new profile and you'll have to tell me how the smoothies are!!!

Valerie said...

Hi Kim, I love the new look of your blog! I need help how did you get the fancy background?

WOW! Looks like a nice care package.

My friends list is growing on Facebook.

Love, Valerie

Crystal said...

HAHA, I try to make my profile match my blog I do need to change mine. I love your purple shirt!

That doesn't sound like my green super food, super YUCK is more like it, lol! Your FIL is seriously so nice. =)

Beef, it's what for dinner...or smoothies.

Crystal said...

Oh, haha, my profile picture does match and I did know it did too. I'm sick and on drugs at Stephy's house and she makes me think wrong all the time.

Crystal said...

Steph is making me hot tea though so that should help! I remember when you used to make me hot tea. =(

Friar Tuck said...

Love the new layout.

lauren said...

Hemp is the shizit! Love that stuff. Also, don't fear the superfood... It can be a little overwhelming in mass quantities but is so awesome for you.


Steph said...

Super food it up Kim! Woo Hoo. My MIL never sends me Hemp Powder...jealous! Just Kidding! LOL! No I haven't had coffee just delerious from not sleeping. =)