Monday, October 13, 2008

What's Up.

Hi Everybody! Hope everyone had a good weekend!

We got our weekend off to a good start on Friday night when we drove to Elgin for Dad's birthday party. His birthday was actually a couple of weeks ago, but Noah and Lauren were in town to do a little camping, so it was a good time to get everyone together. The apartment was packed with family and noise. Mom's cat, Powder, circled continuously, greeting and re-greeting us all.

Here Ross and I are with our squirmy nephews, Owen, Joseph and Malachy. Ross and Malachy played together most of the evening. Ross amazes me with his ability to enter into Mally's make believe world and stay there for hours. I get exhausted just watching them together.
Saturday morning I went out to get the mail and discovered the scattered remains of a daffodil bulb. Or two or three, it was hard to tell. There are bunnies all over our neighborhood, but they aren't hungry looking like city bunnies. They look like so fat and contented that I hadn't expected them to go after my poor, helpless garden flowers!

And, of course, the next morning they had dug up more bulbs. So, for the first time in my life, I'm at enmity with bunnies. This morning I planted four replacement bulbs a little deeper in the ground. We'll see what happens!

Also this weekend, we finally got around to mixing up some smoothies. Ross is braver so he went first and let me sample his. Not too sweet and slightly gritty, but good and really refreshing. Now I've started making my own and I'm loving them.

Next weekend Ross and I travel to North Carolina for his sister's wedding. In preparation Sunday we went to Borics and got Ross a quick hair cut and then we went to the mall to look for a dress in my new size for me to wear.

I've never gone dress shopping with my husband before and it was distracting, but fun. Distracting because I wasn't sure if he'd become impatient with it all, which he didn't, and fun because I got a glimpse of what these things look like through his eyes. I learned that he is not a fan of flower prints, and he is a fan of high heeled boots.

I ended up with a gray knit dress and wine colored pumps (which I am probably going to return because I don't feel like staggering around his sister's wedding, making an idiot of myself in shoes I don't know how to walk in.)

All in all, it was a nice and relaxing weekend - and I'm glad because next weekend is probably going to be a little on the crazy side!


Steve and Sara said...

FUN Kim! I love the bunnies story. We have 100's of them too. I'm not exaggerating at all either. We have too many to count and they even eat the bottom of our trees so we have to put plastic tubing on them so they would survive. Craziness!!!

Friar Tuck said...

My wife used to wear boots like that, and I liked them. Unfortunately, one of the kids in youth group referred to them as "hooker boots" and she has not worn them since.

Darn him!

Janett Sue said...

Wonderful pictures of Tory. She is such a beautiful cat.
So sorry to hear of the mischievous bunnies.
See you soon.

Valerie said...

Hi Kim, Love all of your photos. Sorry to here about your new flowers. I was just commenting to Jon last night that we do not have any bunnies or squirrels around our house, because of the lack of trees in our neighborhood. I only see them when I drive around town. We don't have many birds either. They just flock in once a day in a large group and fly right back out. I have seen vultures in the ditch a couple of times now. That is definetly something you do not see in Minnesota.

Have fun on your trip to North Carolina. What city are you going to?

Crystal said...

I love smoothies! My aren't as fancy as yours but I think they are still really healthy. I make mine with all organic food, vanilla yogurt, frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries, frozen raspberries, fresh bananas, pomegranate juice, and Ruby Red (

I'm sorry about your bulbs!! Crazy bunnies! Around here we have crazy deer who just walk up and eat the bloomed tulips out of our yard and our neighbors.

I loved your dress Kimmy!

Andy said...

I can't help thinking of Elmer Fudd marching around in his huning cap with a shotgun on his shoulder. "Time to kill the rabbits"

You're blog is interesting, fun, attractive AND has cat pictures!!