Thursday, October 09, 2008


Last week Mama bought me some flower bulbs at Costco. My yard has a few flowers here and there, left over from the previous owners, but needs a lot of help. So this morning, when I saw what a pretty day it was going to be, I decided today was the day to start planting those bulbs.

After raking three bags full of leaves off the lawn I got to work digging in the dirt. We have a raised planting area right in front of the house that has nothing but a Juniper, some prickly ground cover, and a whole lot of weeds, so it was the obvious place to start.

I pulled weeds and then dug a 7 foot trench along the front of the house. I planted the tulips there because they are supposed to get 12-16 inches tall. Next, I dug a semi circular trench along the front of the planter area and planted the daffodils there, because they are shorter. Finally, I retrieved my poor old lilac bush, which I bought at Jewel months ago and has been wasting away in the pot, and planted it in the middle ('tada' it announces, in its sad little voice.)

I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, so I'm hoping that when my little tulips and my little daffodils start popping their heads up next spring it will look pretty, and not random and weird.

I have a handful of bulbs left over, so I think I will plant some more tulips around the lilac bush and then plant the rest of the daffodils along the driveway.

Next on the list - prune those bushes!


Janett Sue said...

Can't wait for spring. Nice thing about bulbs is that if you don't like where they are next year you just dig them up and move them. (I think)

Crystal said...

Kim you have the cutest house! You take such great care of it too. I wish I would garden...