Thursday, December 04, 2008

Around the House

Last weekend we noticed the popsicles in the freezer had turned to mush. Unexpectedly, our fridge had lost its mojo. We quickly moved the perishables into coolers on the back porch, but going out there in my socks to get the milk every time I want a cup of coffee is getting annoying! So this weekend we will be shopping for a new fridge.

Though the fridge going out is a pain in the butt, I feel like we've been pretty fortunate so far with our aging house and its aging appliances. Besides a clogged drain in the spring, a couple of dripping pipes in the basement, and a leaking porch roof, the house has proved more sound than expected.

Eventually, though, we know there are some very large updates that we won't be able to put off any longer. When we bought the house we were anxiously focused on the updates the experts were warning us we needed - new roof, new wiring, updated plumbing - but when we moved in and nothing catastrophic happened we slipped into a "wait and see" posture.

Instead we've focused on the cosmetics, things that require little skill and little money (right up our alley!) Today I'm on day two of painting the stairwell. Next on my list is replacing some lighting fixtures. Then I'll probably make my way back to the old task of replacing the hardware on all the doors. What I really want to do though is fix up the bathroom, but I'm going to have to learn some plumbing skills first!

In the meantime, I've got my fingers crossed that our wait-and-see approach doesn't make complete fools of us!


Steph Stanger said...

Hey Kim, Im on Moms computer. =) Love you! I have been super impressed with all your updates! You have such motivation and determination to hang screen doors alone, put furniture together, and paint rooms! You go girl!

I bet your new fridge will be stainless steel! Haha!

Valerie said...

Hi Kim, Good Luck with the fridge shopping. Last night I was looking at a photo on my computer of our old kitchen. I asked Logan if he remembered that. He said, "Yeah, I miss that fridge, can we get another one like it?" We move a lot and in our last house we had replaced the fridge. It was our one and only fridge with the water and ice dispenser. It was great it had a night light on it. So we left the light on at night and the kids could help them selves to ice cold water when ever they wanted. I wish we still had that feature. We bought it at a discount store (scratch and dent). It had a big dent on the side; the wall hid it and noone knew but us and it worked great. The price was right.

Lauren said...

Sears is having a sale this weekend on appliances.