Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Monochromatic Monday Morning

Yup, winter has arrived! We hung Christmas lights in the junipers Sunday and by Monday morning they were hidden in a thick blanket of snow, just a random light bulb sticking out here and there. It was such a wet, heavy snow that some of the branches were bent all the way to the ground. I shoveled in the afternoon and when I went to sprinkle salt on the sidewalk I realized that we had mistakenly bought water softener salt. Ooops. Note to self: not just any big yellow bag of salt will do!

View from the back porch.

View from the living room.


Valerie said...

Oh the joys of being a home owner in the winter. I do not miss shoveling the driveway, or sprinkling the salt, or falling on the ice. Or driving in it. Nope don't miss that!

Hanna and Logan have been walking around the house singing the hippopatomus for christmas song. Hanna keeps singing "I want a hippopatomus for Christmas." Jon told her I guess--it could probably live in the pool. I don't think she will get one.

Janett Sue said...

Beautiful snow. I got lucky and the neighbors shoveled.

Steph Stanger said...

you are so tough shoveling snow and such! I hate that! We have almost bought the water softner salt before! Haha!