Friday, January 23, 2009

Honeymoon is Over

"President Obama on Friday is expected to lift a ban on federal funding for international groups that promote or perform abortions, reversing a policy of his predecessor, George W. Bush. Obama will sign the executive order one day after the 36th anniversary of the landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion in all 50 states." (Fox News)

How could a man so sensitive to the rights of the prisoners at Guantanamo be so indifferent to the rights of innocent, unborn babies? It truly is mind boggling to me. So, in addition to funding another 825 billion dollar stimulus package, my tax dollars are also going to be used to kill unsuspecting babies all over the world. It's going to be a long four years.


Scott said...

Not feeling the hope?

Valerie said...

Jesus is on his way back and we need him!