Friday, January 02, 2009

What I Did on My Christmas Break

I took a vacation to Unreality for the holidays. My days have been filled with fantasy novels, soap operas, movies and even a video game here and there - a schmorgasbord of escapism. There were a couple of days that I only got dressed long enough to run to the bookstore and then promptly scuttled home with my purchases and jumped back into my pjs.

The time in la-la land has been lovely but I'm beginning to miss some things about the real world (like my family, and fresh air!) Tomorrow I resolve to get dressed before noon and by Monday I plan to have my head out of the clouds (at least as much as it ever is.)

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years!

Ross has reminded me that Monday is Lord of the Rings, Extended Edition Marathon Day so I'll have to push back my return to reality until at least Tuesday.

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Andy said...

You're escused on Monday. The
trilogy is the real world