Monday, December 14, 2009

Pregnancy Update

I'll be 19 weeks tomorrow! Woo-hoo! Baby is making herself/himself very conspicuous lately and I love it. Sometimes it's just a shifting or rolling feeling in the womb, but on a few occasions it has been a good, hard kick. Bring it on! I look forward to not having to use my fetal doppler every couple of days to assure myself that baby is still there.

According to my very scientific toilet paper measurements, my baby belly is slowly but surely expanding to make room for the little one. A month ago I was exactly 9 squares, now I am almost ten. The belly definitely gets in the way sometimes so I've switched from lace-ups to a lovely pair of fleece lined leather slip-ons! They are not completely open backed, so they keep most of the snow out, but they are low enough in the back that I have decided I need some cute socks. I don't like flashing everyone the gray heel of my athletic socks everywhere I go.

Now that I'm well into the second trimester I've really noticed that my energy is rebounding. It was subtle at first - not having to lean on the shopping cart as much at the store, taking showers and not just baths, walking up the stairs just to say hi to Ross - and then this week I realized that I have cooked a real dinner almost every night for the last week! AND I'm doing laundry again, AND I cleaned out my closet, which I've been meaning to do for months. It's nice feeling sorta normal again.

As I mentioned in my last post, we won't know the sex before Christmas after all. I try to guess what it might be, but I go back and forth. Originally I thought girl, because this pregnancy felt soooo much like the first one, and that one was a girl. Then I thought boy because every baby dream I've had has been about a boy. Now I'm leaning back toward girl because I've noticed my eyebrows and leg hair has stopped growing and I've heard that boys make your hair grow faster... So, yeah, I have no freaking clue.

Anyway, for your viewing pleasure, here is an artist's rendition of what is going on in there at 18 weeks!


Kimberly Cangelosi said...

ps I wonder if the artist has ever really seen a pregnant woman's bum.

Steph said...

haha, so true. Also this picture makes me wonder how OBs get their hand all the way up there. Sheesh!! It feels every bit as invassive as this picture makes it appear it would be. I remember with Mal, Debbie saying Oh I feel he has a lot of hair. Hmmm....

Steve and Sara said...

How exciting Kim!! Isn't getting your energy back the best feeling ever?? It's like a sigh of relief.

I remember when I could start feeling Lee and now Elsie. It just gives you a big sigh of relief and I'm so glad that you can enjoy that now too. There are days though that I have a cup of coffee just to confirm she's still in there. She's not a big kicker at all. I'm so excited for you and I can't wait to find out what you're having!!!

I think it's a girl. Do you have any names picked out for a boy or girl yet? Or any that you like?

Kimberly Cangelosi said...

If it's a girl it will be Alice, maybe Alice Elizabeth. If it's a boy Ross is pulling for Remy. I'm not a big fan, but he feels pretty strongly about it, so I may have to give in on that one :)

Kimberly Cangelosi said...

ps I started leaking colostrum yesterday! Holy cow! (No pun intended.)