Saturday, January 16, 2010


"The more I think about it, the only reason various societies work is because we're not all depressed at the same time."

"I remember how I used to have these anxiety attacks about the kitty putting a pillow on top of the baby's face while he slept or pinching his little nostrils and mouth shut. That's why I like that line so much about my mind being a bad neighborhood I shouldn't go into alone. It's too often 4:00 A.M. in one's mind, the hour of black dogs, and there are so many muggers and drive-by shootings and piles of dog shit you step in just when you're starting to feel better about things. One's heart is the only safe place to be. There's light there, there's company, and quiet." -145

"I heard this old man speak when I was pregnant, someone who had been sober for fifty years, a very prominent doctor. He said that he'd finally figured out a few years ago that his profound sense of control, in the world and over his life, is another addiction and a total illusion. He said that when he sees little kids sitting in the backseat of cars, in those car seats that have steering wheels, with grim expressions of concentration on their faces, clearly convinced that their efforts are causing the car to do whatever it is doing he thinks of himself and his relationship with God: God who drives along silently, gently amused, in the real driver's seat." -113


andy said...

I liked these quotes so I went to Salon to read a few other things she wrote. She has your friendly searching style of writing. Also kind of Catholic with ideas of guilt and grace. Maybe you're a little bit Catholic.

Kimberly Cangelosi said...

I'm glad you like her, I like her too! And I'm very proud of my Catholic heritage. No one has stood up as tirelessly for the rights of the unborn as the Catholic church. I believe Lamott is a liberal evangelical but I wish she were a little more Catholic in her position on abortion. If you want to read more Lamott, Traveling Mercies is very good!