Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Apartment Pictures

Because Steph's been asking for them, here are pics of the apt!

Living room. Not looking too sharp at the moment. We don't have a table stand for the tv but we weren't able to mount it on the wall because the studs are in the wrong places so it is leaning against the wall for now. Strategically placed pillows hide the cable to the rabbit ears. Subtle! ;P
I love the balcony! It's the entire length of the living room and has a great view. The cats spend most of the day out there.
I'm not a fan of the oak cabinets but I love the size, layout and modern appliances of the new kitchen. It's made getting back into cooking very easy.
No dining room in the apartment so we just shoved Ross's old table up against the wall.
Sitting at the table the wine rack/sideboard is to your left. To the left of that are the stairs going down to the front door and the garage.
Master bathroom and my pretty new towel hanger from TJ Maxx. :)
My tub! Love it! I definitely want one of these in the new house!
New shower curtain from Walmart.
Master bedroom. Definitely need to hang some art in here!
Guest bedroom. It's a small room so it was hard to get a picture.
Ross and I share the office (third bedroom) and it is a total mess, so no picture!


Crystal said...

WOW, Kimmy, everything looks so so so nice!! I love the bath tub!

Kimberly Cangelosi said...

Thanks Crystal! It doesn't feel very homey yet. They said we could paint but I don't have the energy and we won't be here that long anyway.

Steph said...

looking good Kimbo! I love it, so bright and inviting. You did a nice job. It's nice that your entertainment center fits so snuggly in that space!

Andy said...

Kimmy, The apartment looks delightful. The big porch door probably let's in a lot of light.
Sunshine is good for you.

Hope being so big doesn't make you too uncomfortable. But like mommy says as soon as you get you hold little Remy, it will have been worth all the discomfort.

Friar Tuck said...

looks nice. Although I have never been a fan of those closets with mirrors on them.