Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Stuff is Vegas Bound

Our stuff is packed up and on the road to Vegas! All that is left in the house is cleaning supplies, some old furniture for staging, and whatever the cats need. Ross and I are staying in a hotel until our flight on Tuesday so that we can have a bed to sleep on, clean towels to shower with, and a microwave to heat food in.

Our plan was to bust our butts this weekend to clean, paint, stage, and do as many improvements as possible before Tuesday but we're starting to hit some serious fatigue from the pace of the last couple of weeks. Fortunately, we got a great quote from a contractor and that takes a lot of the pressure off of us to do things ourselves.

Last night the girls from my old small group got together for a goodbye dinner and gave me some baby things since we won't be doing a real shower anymore. It felt so nice and normal to be hanging out with them, I can hardly believe that I may not see some of them again for a long time :(

Tuesday we'll be flying out with the cats. I'm so nervous about the logistics of that day but at least the end is in sight!

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