Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pictures from the Move-in Day!

I finally have internet! Yeah! So I'll try to catch up here on some blogging...

These are some pics from the big move-in day - Wednesday, March 10th. We had arrived the night before, and Ross had rented a car and run out to Target to get an air mattress and a few other essentials. It was a strange time in the apartment - there was no furniture, not even a chair to sit on, and the gas wasn't turned on yet so hot showers and cooked meals were out of the question. We slept on the air mattress, which OF COURSE, had to be re-inflated in the middle of the night. Early the next morning Ross left to meet the movers at the storage unit and unload the stuff we wouldn't have room for at the apartment. The cats and I loafed around the empty apartment and waited.
Once the guys arrived everything went pretty quickly.
The bottled water and cheese sticks flowed freely. And eventually Ross went out and got enough food from Burger King to feed an army.
Ross tackled the kitchen so that I wouldn't be tempted to get in there and try to do it myself. It's very hard to "take it easy" when your stuff is in disarray all around you!

By the end of the day the living room looked a little like a bazaar. Some of that stuff ended up in other rooms, and some of it had to go back into boxes until we buy a bigger place. (Can't believe I'm even mentioning the idea of moving again...ugh.)

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