Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I'm too busy waging psychological war on my body to compose a coherent post so here's another listy sort of one made of random observations and mundane details of my life. Lucky you!

  • Temps have gotten up to 90 this week and it's amazing how different 90 feels here. I can actually sit out on the balcony comfortably. The humidity is something ridiculously low like 7%.
  • Lost was epic last night. Maybe a little too epic? Thought Matthew Fox was on his a-game but not sure if the directing lived up to the content...
  • Doctor Who, on the other hand, knocked it out of the friggin ball park. Why, oh why, are their season's so short? I just can't get enough of that show.
  • Ross and I have begun seeing lizards sunning themselves around the apartment complex. I still can't believe I live somewhere with palm trees, tumbleweeds, and lizards!
  • Remy is getting big and heavy and I'm getting very tired!
  • My 39 week appointment went great. I'm progressing and the young doctor I was a little worried about is no longer with the practice. Oh, and my weight is holding steady, which seems sort of miraculous.
  • There is a restaurant chain here called Cafe Rio and they have the most amazing pork barbecoa and I'm hoping Ross will take me there tonight to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

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Steve and Sara said...

No one understands the heat/humidity of Vegas unless you've been there. It's so bizarre how it can be 90 degrees and you don't break a sweat, lol. We used to go for walks at sundown in summer because the temperature is still up there... however without the sun and no humidity it was SO nice! You also have no mosquitoes, so that's really nice too! ;)

I saw Steph today and she is SO excited to come see you, Ross and baby Remy! She was glowing when she talked about you!

I can't wait to see pictures of Remy and hear all about your birth story ;) I'm so excited for you Kim!! (Ross too, lol).